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Landscape Design – Whether it is a new home landscape design, a partial design, or a total re-design, Green Thumb is prepared to listen to your needs and desires and respond with a comprehensive plan.

Landscape Design

Landscape Maintenance – Full service or basic service, Green Thumb is ready to keep your landscape looking its very best, year-round. We take pride in providing our customers with sculpted lawns and the greenest of grass.

Stonework – We specialize in flagstone patios, walkways, chopstone retaining walls, stone mailboxes, flowerbed borders, waterfalls/ponds/streams. Natural stone creations are a perfect enhancement to any landscape and provide years of enjoyment. We also install man-made patio stone and retaining wall blocks.


Chemical Maintenance – Green Thumb can prepare and execute annual chemical plans to keep lawns looking their best through the seasons. We can address all kinds of lawn needs, such as fertilization, weed control and prevention, fungus control and prevention, lawn pest control, as well as pests/diseases which strike shrubs, trees and other plants.

Tree Trimming/Removal – Residential and commercial landscapes are made or broken on the health and well being of the trees within it. Green Thumb can evaluate and provide a plan for tree trimming to keep them at their healthiest and prettiest. We also remove dead or dying trees.

Concrete – Want to extend an existing patio? Or build a new one? No matter what the project is around the landscape, Green Thumb can build it in concrete. We also feature the ability to create pebble top concrete patios and sidewalks.

Arbors, Overhangs, Pergolas, Decking, Fencing – An exciting element of any landscape are the areas where people sit to enjoy it all. Arbors, overhangs and Pergolas are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors without being “so outdoors.” We also feature many varieties of decking and fencing to accommodate the residential homeowner’s needs.

Arbors, Overhangs, Pergolas, Decking, Fencing

Fall/Winter Maintenance – Landscape maintenance does not end when fall/winter arrive. Instead, the leaves fall and populate the corners of landscapes and homes, sometimes to the point of becoming a fire hazard. Whether it is a regular weekly plan, or a one-time clean up job, Green Thumb will keep the landscape clean and pretty through the colder months.

Seasonal Color – Nothing brightens and showcases a landscape like seasonal color. Green Thumb can create a seasonal color design that pops, whether it is annuals and perennials for spring/summer or traditional pansies and kale in fall/winter – color is always “in.”

Seasonal Color

General Clean-Up – Just invested in a property that needs a real picker-upper? Call Green Thumb and let us help you transform that old home back to where it once was. Whether its dead trees, trash or brush, our team will move in and take it away.

Exterior Christmas Lighting – Green Thumb is partnered with Mower Medic of Carrollton each holiday season for the installation of exterior Christmas lighting for residential and commercial properties. We meet with our customer in person and discuss options to bring out your home’s best during the holidays. We install the lights, remove them after the season, and either store them during the year for you or box them up for your own personal storage. Installations begin the first week of November each year.

Christmas Lighting

Sprinkler Repair – A critical part of maintaining a good landscape is keeping proper irrigation. Unfortunately, from time to time things go wrong and in the process, landscapes suffer. Green Thumb can stay on top of your irrigation system, making sure it is functioning and operating properly and making repairs when needed.

Organic Applications – Many of our customers are active conservationists who believe in and apply organic gardening principles. Green Thumb is steeped in organic knowledge and training and can bring those practices to your own landscape. Organic gardening can be very satisfying and rewarding and helps the environment at the same time.

Sod Installation – Green Thumb can install sod for residential or commercial customers who are looking to begin anew with their lawns, or establish lawns in new landscapes. Green Thumb installs St Augustine, Bermuda and the hybrid Bermuda Tif 419.

Sod Installation

Landscape Management – Green Thumb offers landscape management services for large commercial and residential properties where all landscape needs are addressed under one encompassing plan. We take the reigns and treat your landscape just like our own!

Landscape Consultation – Many homeowners and business owners find themselves wanting to do things with their landscape, but just aren’t sure where to start or how to begin. Green Thumb owner Mark Lyon can consult with you to help get you started and guide you through the process. We can be as involved as the client wishes in the execution of the resulting plan.